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How to Get A White Bathing Suit White Again

White bathing suits look amazing when paired with sun kissed tan skin.  However, the downside is that white bathing suits can tend to turn yellowish in color over time.  This is particularly true if you spend time in chlorinated swimming pools.  If your white bathing suit has turned yellow, getting rid of it is not your only option.  There are steps you can take to get a white bathing suit white again.

How Come White Bathing Suits Turn Yellow?

Often times the chlorine in pool water can cause white bathing suits to turn yellow.  If your swimsuit contains ANY Spandex at all, you definitely DON’T want to use regular bleach.  That’s a big no-no. Swimming in a pool that has chlorine (and most do) is similar to swimming in diluted bleach.  Basically, it weakens the fibers in your bathing suit.  Hence, it makes it easier for things like sunscreen residue and your body’s natural oils & sweat to penetrate your bathing suit and cause that nasty yellow color you often see with white bathing suits.

How to Care for Your White Bathing Suits (and bathing suits in general)

We recommend ALWAYS washing your bathing suits immediately after use.  Do this whether you swam or just sun bathed or both.  Ideally, you should hand wash it and air dry it.  This will help you get the most longevity out of each of your bathing suits.

How to Get Your White Bathing Suit White Again & Remove Those Yellow Stains

You have a couple of options and we’ll start with the safest and best way to Get Your White Bathing Suit White Again.

  1. Soak your bathing suit in approximately 2 gallons of water with ½ of a cup of baking soda mixed and dissolved in it. You’ll want to keep it in there for 2-3 hours before removing it. The baking soda should safely dissolve and break down the stains and restore the proper white color.  Now, rinse your suit in cold water and place it on a towel to air dry.

If Baking Soda Didn’t Work, Try This to Get Your Bathing Suit White Again

  1. Another option if the baking soda didn’t work as well as you like is Clorox Stain Remover & Color Booster. Soak your white bathing suit in one scoop of the powder and 2 gallons of very HOT water.  Make sure the suit is completely submerged in the solution.  You may have to weigh the suit down to make sure it is completely underwater.  Soak it over night for at least 8 hours.  Then, wash it the hottest water recommended on the care label of your bathing suit.

Hopefully, one of these two methods will do the trick for getting your white bathing suit white again.  Good luck, and don’t forget, “Girls Just Wanna Have Sun”!!

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